About MIA

Expressionist born in 1972 in USA but migrated as a baby to her mother’s homeland Venezuela where she was raised. Grew up in an artistic family of painters and sculptors thus exposed to art very early on. 

She began creating pieces and participating in small exhibitions at a very young age in Valencia, Venezuela where she trained artistically with her aunt, an art teacher that lit the fire within and instilled the expression of emotions through a canvas and brush.

As a young adult she was inspired by visionary nineteenth century Austrian painter, Gustav Klimt, who utilized mixed media and hidden images within a painting, always telling a story. One of his most famous works, “The Kiss”. 

She’s passionate about mystical subjects and likes to capture expressions that evoke emotions, inner feelings, enlightenment, balance, peace, spirituality and compassion with a strong influence from the Eastern Philosophy. Her works include magical subjects and are created with acrylics and mixed media such as crystals, texture, amongst others.